The 100 Day Design and Innovation Program is a framework I created at Fjord that represents the next wave of digital innovation methodologies that can be offered to clients. Its a coherent set of interdependent design processes that dictates how a company can search for problems and deliver innovative solutions like a start-up.


Why 100 Days?

Innovation is not an event or department, it's the output of a culture and journey. I have observed that consequential solutions are very difficult to accomplished in novel one week workshops, in business-as-usual environments, or with teams lacking the tools, knowledge and guidance they need to succeed. 100 days is the standard on how progress is measured, like when a new CEO begins their role, so its a great place to begin the journey. It is also my first answer when asked, “How long does innovation take?” I can confidently and boldly say that this can be done together in 100 days. The truth is, this program combines with a series of other innovation propositions to feed a continuous culture of innovation.

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Service Design-led Innovation

Framework & Playbook

With everything we do, we aim to challenge the status quo. The 100 Days of Innovation Program was created with one big idea; to evolve the way we generate ideas, prioritize and refine concepts, and develop them into new service offerings that people will love.

Facilitated Experience

Work Together as One

We are the experts who can guide client team members through design led innovation to collaboratively solve the problems emerging in their business. Ideally, this will also lead to a massive positive cultural change on how these companies will operate and thrive in the future.

Minimum Lovable Product

Co-Create with Purpose

Making is the moment that talking stops and things get real. Its a commitment that we do together because before that moment everything is just an opinion. Amazing design visions with great principles and inspirational concepts create zero value for companies if we are not able to implement, test and make real.

The biggest threat to innovation is internal politics and an organizational culture, which does not accept failure and/or does not accept ideas from outside, and/or cannot change.

Global Leadership Recognition

Products Creating Tomorrow Awards Finalist

Recognized as a 
Top 10 Winner of all Accenture Products Projects in 2017. Described as, "A true lighthouse project which is helping position Accenture as a true partner for Digital Innovation and Transformation." Furthermore, it was also selected as a key project to support the New Methods Initiative at the global level.

Design From Within Report

How to Build Internal Teams to Design and Innovate

This 2017 Report features the 100 Days of Innovation as one of the three distinct approaches businesses can take in order to design and innovate internally. 'Design from Within' was originally identified as a design trend from the annual Fjord Trends Report back in 2016.

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Public Credential

Audi 2016 Annual Report

Surrounded by white boards and concept posters, the Innovation Sprinters brainstorm, discuss, program, listen, test, discard and improve. Audi employees from five different business divisions who are looking for new approaches and tools in Berlin that will make Audi more agile, creative and innovative in their digital transformation.

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Official Capability

Innovation Proposition Offering

The 100 Days of Innovation is one of the six Innovation Propositions that are officially offered from Accenture's Innovation Centers and Hubs, including the premier location near Accenture's HQ in Dublin called the Dock. I am so proud that what started as a pilot program with Audi in Berlin has evolved into part of global innovation offering.

Case Study

Featured Project on Accenture's Design Thinking Community

As one of the global experts for Design Thinking + Storytelling, I've been invited to highlight the 100 Day approach and Audi project during several quarterly townhall meetings. The 100 Days of Innovation is the most referenced project in the Design Thinking Community and regularly requested for more details.

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