When I joined Razorfish in 2006, I was hired to lead work around SBC's acquisition of AT&T. A year later BellSouth and Cingular were also added to the mix. This became one of the largest digital transformations of the time and eventually led to my joining AT&T in 2010 as Group Creative Director to lead the effort to re-platform www.att.com and new technology lifestyle branding, 'Rethink Possible' positioning. In this role I touched everything from eCommerce, digital product creation, merchandising & promotions, product launches, advertising & campaigns, and many other innovation and experimental initiatives. When I left to join Chaotic Moon in 2013, AT&T work followed me with the partnership work I did with GM + OnStar and AT&T University. Chaotic Moon was acquired by Accenture Interactive in 2015 and positioned as a new Fjord Design & Innovation studio. With Accenture, AT&T is one of our largest accounts, where I continue to support the account.



From a look and feel refresh during the acquisition, to a full re-platform of the entire site to Adobe Experience Management. I led UX and implementation teams to build one of the most modern and business functional eCommerce sites in market today.

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Digital Experience

AT&T University

AT&T University provides education and training for new and current employees. But this important initiative was lagging and forgotten. That’s why we stepped in to build a strategy that redefines the potential of employee empowerment and transforms the future of AT&T University operations.

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Connected Retail

AT&T Flagship Store

AT&T’s Flagship Store on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue was designed with four areas in mind: Experience Platform, Lifestyle Boutiques, The Gallery and Explorer Lounge which includes The App Bar.

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Digital Product

AT&T Digital Life

Connected Home Product: Digital Life is a service offering for household security and automation made possible by AT&T’s Network. Its an all-digital, IP-based home management service that will give users unparalleled control of their homes using any web-enabled device, PCs, tablets and smartphones, regardless of wireless carrier.

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Digital Platform

U-verse IPTV Service

U-verse is the only true IPTV service that is 100% digital. Although it may not survive after the DirectTV acquisition, it is far superior than its competition in quality, UI, apps, and supported devices. I'm proud to have worked on aspects of this product since its beginning in 2006 as project 'Light Speed.'

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Daybreak Webisodes

Daybreak is an original drama series AT&T developed with Heroes’ creator Tim Kring to give customers a new way to experience the AT&T brand and innovation story across multiple layers of media. Tim Kring is credited with bringing the concept of “transmedia” to Hollywood with his cross-platform entertainment.

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AT&T Campaigns

With primary partners like BBDO and Interbrand, my team worked closely to carry advertising campaign content into the consumer digital space. This work included AT&T Branding, Product Launches and Sponsorships.

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Product Launches

AT&T Exclusive Devices

80+ Tier 1 products launched per year. Almost every hyped smart device and associated accessories that AT&T has offered involved my team. Because the secrecy and exclusivity of many of these launches, often time they were limited only to a small group of us under strict NDA agreements and security clearance. Every thing from Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Google, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, Nokia and so many more.

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Brand Extensions

AT&T Sponsorships

AT&T uses sponsorships to extend it's brand into public events and venues to activate some of it's 'what you do with what we do' technology lifestyle promise. My teams supported much of this work every year. These include spaces like the Dallas Cowboy's AT&T Stadium, teams like the US Olympics, and events like the Master Golf Tournament.

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Brand Expression

Fastest Network Character IP

With the availability of 4G, we had special characters created to represent personality and features of the 'Network of Possibilities." They were a fun and unique brand expression to the work we produced during this period.

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Brand Management

AT&T Brand Center Portal

With a brand as large as AT&T, the ability to keep a consistent brand identity across all disciplines is a must. The Brand Center allows AT&T Corporate to centralize all marketing assets in an online portal, allowing for instruction on best practices in all communications. I helped manage, review and provide content for this site.

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Brand Guidelines

AT&T Brand Beyond InterBrand

The corporate brand guidance from our partnership with InterBrand only took things so far. My team created all the additional tactical style guides that provided the pixel perfect details needed to execute digital projects. We supported over 350 agencies to ensure the quality of work produced was on brand and consistent every time.

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Idea and Innovation Management

TIP: The Innovation Pipeline Program

The “Innovation Pipeline” allows for AT&T employees to submit new, bold ideas in a stock market approach. Colleagues are invited to up-vote or down-vote ideas for the company, in order to give everyone a voice on the direction of the organization. I represented the consumer digital experiences group on the governance of this program.

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Connected Car

AT&T Drive Studio

The AT&T Drive Studio™ is the first connected car innovation center in the U.S. to be opened by a wireless carrier, designed to work with the world's most innovative companies and developers to come create the future of connected cars. This is how the partnership with GM + OnStar came about which I led for 3 years.

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Digital Service

AT&T Trade-in Program

Reduce. Recycle. Reward. I led the team that created the service that allows customers to get a gift card for their device trade-in. It's designed to easily allows trade-in of used or unwanted cell phones, tablets, and netbooks in a convenient and responsible way that is good for the environment.

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