I helped answer some big questions that Dell was asking about how they could differentiate their software and hardware products. Questions like: How do you bring enterprise tools to daily life? How do you take your desktop anywhere? How do you get gamers gaming faster? or How Do you take smarter photos? I've done this by creating next-generation products that exemplify Dell’s mission to help people explore how technology solutions and services can drive business innovation and give the world the power to do more.

New Product Development

Dell Mobile Workspace

We empowered Dell employees with 
a user-friendly interface they can power up on their favorite devices, giving them access to enterprise data and apps while protecting confidential information. And with remote encryption and policy enforcement, it’s a freedom Dell 
can trust.

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Gaming Experience

Alienware Alpha Console

We overhauled the Alpha setup to create a seamless out-of-box experience (OOBE) that makes a complex system feel simple. This PC-powered platform integrates directly with an Xbox controller and does all the hard work ahead of time so users can get to the good stuff.

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Screen interoperability

Dell Cast Interface

We configured a device that puts the user’s desktop, not to mention the keyboard and mouse, on any device screen. It may seem complicated, but we crafted an interface that makes it easy for anyone to make the most of their small screens.

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Camera Software

PhotoStudio App for DellVenue

What do you get when you combine the most advanced Intel camera ever with Dell’s intuitive image gallery software? One hell of a cool product. We combined hardware and software expertise to put these two revolutionary technologies into one simple device.

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Product Development

Dell My Premier App

After completing the full redesign of the Dell Premier 2.0 desktop experience, the emergence of mobile first introduced several new opportunities. With the primary goal to continue to create a compelling, relevant, and highly competitive digital experience for Dell’s relationship customers, we identified three new use case scenarios to integrate.

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Product Launch

Dell Streak 'Ask the Dr.' Campaign

Meet Dr. Ashley, Mobile Relationship Therapist. For Black Friday Weekend at Best Buy stores around the US, we ran an in-store takeover to kick-off our social campaign which included a series of videos that ran on the big screen display monitors in the mobility department at Best Buy stores in order to influence customer decision-making in the crucial “last three feet.” The videos featured our therapist who interacted with Best Buy shoppers by asking them questions, referencing other shoppers, Best Buy employees and their surroundings.

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