Working with Disney over the years, I've continually helped them reach their objective to be a leading entertainment provider by building digital products and strategies that drive innovation, monetization, and brand loyalty across multiple segments of Disney’s business. This has included PLATFORMS for digital publishing, distribution, subscription; CONTENT DELIVERY for movies, games and eBooks; BUSINESS MODELS for monetization, eCommerce and emerging technology.

Movie Platform

Disney Movies Anywhere

With disconnected retailers, redeemable digital copies, rights management, and subscriptions, movie content was a mess. We solved it by pioneering a new technology with Disney and introducing it through a platform that took Disney into the digital age.

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Movie Platform

Now just 'Movies Anywhere'

It's your new digital bridge between the big four online video vendors: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu. Movies Anywhere is now more than Disney, also backing Warner Bros., Universal, Sony and Fox. So films produced by those studios will appear in the Movies Anywhere app, regardless of where you originally purchased them. Additionally, those films will appear in each of the services through which you've connected your accounts.

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User Experience

Disney Personas

Contrary to Disney’s marketing team’s claim, “everyone” was not their primary audience. We did the work up front for Disney to isolate specific behavioral components through research and analysis. We took this information and developed distinctive personas and use cases that continues to define digital products.

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Digital Product

Marvel Unlimited App

We created a digital subscription platform that allowed users to access over 70 years of Marvel comics in one app. By helping to define the surrounding business model, feature set, and complete technical architecture, our team helped move Marvel into a new age of superheroes.

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