I worked with GM and OnStar closely for several years to design comprehensive digital solutions based on strategy, research, and proof-of-concept prototypes. These programs, products and services are changing the way consumers think about OnStar and have shifted the way OnStar does business.

eCommerce Marketplace

OnStar Go

You can’t sell what users don’t want. By tapping into a combination of digital touchpoints—like a user’s in-dash head unit, smartphone, and OnStar advisor—we created a learning system that offers contextual suggestions in real time. This multi-channel platform started with 4 core services geared to monetize the connected car: Find Food, Find Fuel, Find Parking and Book Hotel.

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Digital Service

Book Hotel with OnStar Advisor

OnStar received 3.5 million requests to book a Hotel from subscribers last year. With this service, an OnStar Advisor can now use a third party module (Priceline) to book a room and send confirmation information to the car’s in-dash screen as well as send direction into the vehicles navigation system as a new way point. GM didn’t add any additional back office sustainment, but now makes revenue through Priceline’s affiliate program. ($20 booking fee X 3.5MM = 70MM of new revenue)

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Digital Product

Onstar AtYourService

Our first product launch was through OnStar RemoteLink App Integration which already offered an innovative way to connect to your vehicle, and users were already relying on it to connect with their cars. We’ve now activated the OnStar Go e-commerce features that offer customers quick access to find and save deals right on their phones.

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Emerging Technology

IBM Watson Integration

GM is creating what it’s calling the “first cognitive mobility platform” in partnership with IBM, using the latter company’s Watson learning supercomputer. What that means is that cars featuring the new product, which is a continuation of GM’s OnStar offering called ‘OnStar Go’, will be more aware of their surroundings and better able to automate interactions both with the driver and with businesses and facilities around them.

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Digital Innovation

Proof-of-concept Development

Our team were the innovation partners who built working product demos for internal advancement, prototypes for road demonstrations and testing, and an app store roadshow and hack-a-thon for events like CES and SXSW.