Southwest Airlines started with a homepage redesign, which led to updating the user experience around 10 core user flows, to a multi-year/multi-phase digital transformation. We went from a buy ticket only website to a robust bundled transactional system that combined all aspects of travel including ticketing, hotels, car rentals, rewards, and entertainment specials.

eCommerce Website

Southwest is still the only airline that you can only buy tickets directly through their website. That's a big deal. Any work done has to be right. We completely re-imageded the booking engine for the modern traveller and bundles other services like hotels and car rentals. Our work increased revenues by 4X.

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Digital Styleguide and Merchandising System

My team managed all of the brand translation to digital provided by GSD&M and created the merchandising and promotions system for the website and other related digital locations like social channels and email.

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Emerging Technology

Ticket Information Patient

I was part of the team who came up with the concept and created the IP technology behind the first kiosk that allowed you to access your ticket through the check-in kiosk with just the purchasing credit card. No cryptic code to enter from a hard to read paper ticket. We made it so you don't even need your printed ticket. This is now licensed to most airline kiosks as a standard feature.


Bags Fly Free Concept

It was 2010, and we were within 48 hours from our first major SWA website release. Gas prices were soaring, so most airlines were scrambling to off-set costs. Southwest was an exception, since they hedge their gas prices annually and pre-pay in advance as part of their optimized operations approach. However, they too came to us in a panic to add bag fees to our launch. It wasn't possible, so after many discussions, was launched as originally planned. The backlash of other airlines 'nickel and diming' customers had a huge negative impact in the news. So Southwest pivoted their position and became the 'Bags fly Free' carrier and haven't look back since.