Creating Magical Digital Experiences

Working with Disney, I led the team that built and launched a revolutionary movie ecosystem on an industry-changing content platform. This ongoing partnership has continued to focus on discovering and delivering innovative, long-term strategies in the digital space.


Space is Now Open for Business

Working with the team from Hypergiant SEOPS, we designed a new business model and disruptive 'Ridesharing' service that allows satellites to hitch a ride inside existing Space X flights going to the International Space Station (ISS). Later, we deploy those satellites as constellations into space at 500KM from a product we created at Hypergiant Galactic Systems for the front-end of the Cygnus spacecraft called Slingshot™.


100 Days of Innovation

The 100 Days of Innovation Framework represents the next wave of digital innovation methodologies. Using a Service Design-led approach to innovation, it's a coherent set of interdependent design thinking processes that dictates how a company can search for problems and deliver a proof-of-concept.


A Brand Promise in Action

AT&T seeks to be the digital hero—bringing simplicity, transparency, and a sense of empowerment to every customer. Having worked for AT&T for more than eight years, I've helped transform consumer digital experiences across every part of the business.


Without a Heart, It's Just a Machine

My father was a Captain for Southwest since the beginning, back when they only had three planes. It's a brand that has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. It was such an exciting moment in my career to be part of their digital transformation, to re-imagine their website and beyond.


Thinking Outside the App

Today's connected generation requires a one-two punch of immersive marketing, unique branding, and keen innovation to get the message across. I helped Pizza Hut double down on digital to help ensure they become “the most connected brand” in the world.


Monetizing The Connected Car

GM is a trailblazer in the connected car arena, thanks to its pioneering OnStar platform. As part of their initiative to build impactful, simple technology, I worked with OnStar to design comprehensive digital solutions based on strategy, research, and proof-of-concept prototypes. These programs and products change the way consumers think about OnStar and shift the way OnStar does business.


Say Goodbye 
to Business 
as Usual

For years, I have worked on initiatives focused on transforming Dell from PC vendor to global solutions provider by bringing meaning to this decade’s buzzwords by transforming the company through cloud infrastructures, BYOD philosophies, social media, big data, and security.


Preparing to Feed Nine Billion People

John Deere has a mission to “feed the world.” In order to provide enough food for our expanding global population, growers must double agricultural production using the same amount of land and even less water. As a partner, I helped John Deere to move swiftly into the digital age while still keeping true to its core values through a new vision, re-imagined services and several new products.

Greg Carley

American Designer & Futurist

With a passion for design, technology and innovation, Greg Carley is currently the Vice President of Product Innovation at Hypergiant, focused on “What’s Next” when it comes to emerging technology, trends, and new design approaches. Using his “100 Days of Innovation” Framework, he is recognized for effectively motivating and driving cross-disciplinary teams to produce creative work and building innovative experiences, services and related products. Trained in both journalism (Mass Communication) and graphic design (Visual Communication), Carley tackles creative processes with a holistic and pragmatic approach.

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